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Restaurant Patron Survey Results

We're working to make the healthy choice the easy choice at CNMI restaurants, and we wanted to know what folks think of this idea. We heard from 221 CNMI residents through on online survey about what they like about eating out and the changes they would like to see.




We learned that 99.54% of respondents said that if restaurants highlighted or promoted healthy items, it would increase the likelihood that they order it.


24.09% of respondents said they always order the healthier option when it is available, while 72.73% say they sometimes order the healthier option. 


Respondents ranked "healthy food options" as the 4th (of 10) most important factor in choosing where to eat.


75.23% of respondents said that locally grown produce highlighted on the menu would influence what they order when they are out to eat. 



See below for more!


Please email Kaitlyn at for more information about this survey or to request access to the raw data.

Note: The font size of the restaurant name represents its popularity, so the largest restaurant names are those that were included the most in responses.

On average, how often do you eat out in a week (including fast food and take-out)?

When you do eat out, what is the most common reason for doing so at different times of the day? Choose only the most important reason.

Rank the factors you consider when choosing a restaurant from the most important (1) to the least (9).

How do you decide what to order for yourself? (1 is most important, 5 is least)

If more restaurants marked fresh or healthy items on their menus, or promoted these items, how likely would you be to order these?

Do you choose healthier menu options when they are available?

How often are you able to identify healthy food options on a menu?

How satisfied are you with the selection of fruit and vegetable choices at the restaurants you visit most often?

Which of the following healthy eating promotions would influence what you order at restaurants? Check all that apply

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